From Brussels to Athens

Let me first congratulate Xavier on his personal victory. He definately “νενίκηκε” (or nenikike)! Great start of the season!  As for me, this period coincides with my moving back from Brussels to Athens.

I started running last October in Brussels for the first time. Yes, I certainly am a beginner. I cannot tell exactly when I started since I was sure that I would abondon very soon. Running had never been my thing and I always considered myself as the person with the lowest resistence ever. However once you start, then it feels so good, that it is so difficult to stop. It’s like a drug, as a friend of mine says. And my progress, I dare say, has been quite remarkable for my standards. Tell you more some other time.

Now the problem is that Athen is the most running unfriendly city I have visited. No big parks (not even small ones), no pedestrian streets, very narrow sidewalks… Once I figure something out, I’ll let you know.

Posted by Maria

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