Fast but not Furious

It is really difficult to account for ! I just can’t work out why I was able to run last Sunday so much faster than I usually do. As I wrote, I managed to break through the 12km/h barrier.

Perhaps I managed it because I was towed along by two fast pals. Yet that would not account for feeling so good and comfortable at the faster pace.

Perhaps it is the interval training I have been doing. I don’t like intervals so I’m not very rigourous and disciplined. What I have been doing though are some “Billat” intervals. That is a type of interval training session invented by a French researcher called Véronique Billat. If you “google” her name, you’ll find lots and lots of things about her and her research. I brief, her training scheme involves short, fast intervals with short recovery: 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds recovery jog, for example, or 1 minute/1 minute. 

For a better, more precise idea, have a look at this web page. This page provides a briefer explanation. 

Time to go now and prepare for the trip to England for the Silverstone Half Marathon.

Posted by Xavier.


2 Responses to “Fast but not Furious”

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    […] Last night I ran a 45 minute session of three sets of hard 30 second Billat intervals at a speed of 16 km/h. I wrote about those intervals here.  […]

  2. Core and resistance training « Nenikikamen Says:

    […] recommends but which seems really quite tough and looks like a variation on the Billat intervals I’m keen on. Have a look at Jessi’s post here (you’ll need to scroll down a little).  Look out […]

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