The Benefit of Training

The other day I saw the tangible result that careful training has yielded.

At the start of the year, I would run slowly for 50 minutes to an hour on a treadmill once a week as part of my weekly training routine. My first such sessions were run at a speed of 8.5 km/h with a gradient of 1%. At that speed and with that incline, I could run at roughly 70-73% of my maximum heart rate.

Last week – after three months of training – I ran at 9.2 km/h with a gradient of 1%. But my heart rate barely reached 70% of its maximum. 

Posted by Xavier


One Response to “The Benefit of Training”

  1. Alun Says:

    That’s a great testiment to sensible training – good news! I’m very impressed with your two Half Marathons in two weekends, and at a great pace. It all bodes well for a great year. I’m inspired to try running on the treadmill myself tonight!

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