I had the suspicion from the beginning that Xavier would be the one writing about the joys of running on this blog and I would write about the trials. And this post comes to confirm this. So, today I’ll tell you about the problems that I had (and still have) to deal with since I started running.

Problem no 1: Black nails on my toes: Yes, it is disgusting indeed but the nails of my big toes are black since I started running longer distances. And the worse part was that they were very sore for a couple of days after the run. My running shoes were one size bigger than my normal shoe size but still I was told that they were two tight because the foot sets out when you run, and especially when you run more than 40 min it sets out even more. The whole thing became more serious for me when I was told that I’m risking to lose my nails. So, I went for a new pair of running shoes which are the same size as the old ones but they are a bit larger in the front. The nails are still black but I have not felt any soreness since.

To be continued with problem no 2

Posted by Maria


One Response to “Obstacles…”

  1. Alun Says:

    Black toenails – but they ARE one of the joys of running! However, they can be sore, it’s true. I defeated mine slightly by alternating between two different brands of shoe, which had a different fit at the front. I now have ten pink toenails again, even if one is a bit wierd looking. Keep up the blogging – I’m full of respect for running in Athens.

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