Paris Marathon

The Paris Marathon took place yesterday.

What a wonderful race!

It must surely be one of the most scenic marathons in the world. Can you imagine what it is like to see the Champs Elysées taken over by tens of thousands of runners on a bright, sunny Sunday morning ? The crowds were impressive, the organisation excellent, the course fast and beautiful. What more could anyone want ?

Well, I would have liked to be without a cold, without a cough and without a head that seemed as if it wanted to implode or explode. Frankly, I felt dreadful. In fact I thought about not showing up at the start all through an almost sleepless night. 

On Sunday morning I got up, felt relatively stable on my legs and made my way to the start. The atmosphere was infectious – in the good sense – so I ran. And ran. And ran. Coughing and wheezing as I went along, but running, ever forwards. 

Four hours and five seconds later I crossed the finishing line. I simply could go no faster. How many times did I consider giving up ? Too many to count. I’m so glad I persisted because, as I said at the beginning, what a wonderful race !

Be warned. The books advise strongly against running with a cold. So, as the say on TV: “Don’t try this at home.”

Posted by Xavier


2 Responses to “Paris Marathon”

  1. Evita Katsimani Says:

    Luxembourg Marathon is coming on 23rd May. However, I am wondering why is it called “Night Run”?

  2. nenikikamen Says:

    Welcome to the blog, Evita ! The Luxembourg marathon is called the “night run” because it is held in the evening. It starts, I think, at 6 pm….. The atmosphere is said to be very festive.
    Xavier is signed up for it.

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