Obstacles… (part 2)

It’s been a while since part 1 but anyway… Luckily, I am more consistent with training than with writing. However, today, I had a discussion with a friend and I realised that the second obstacle is very common. and that is… knees.

Some weeks ago, I had a terrible pain in my knee, not while running but afterwards. I felt that I could not rely on it (I mean the knee), especially when it was bent. The pain grew more and more intense and it was becoming worse when I was trying to go up and down the stairs. While I was getting too stressed out of it and I was thinking that I should give up running for a while, a friend told me that I should try to work out more the muscles above my knees. And that I should use the machine on which you add weight and then you push a board with your legs so that the weight is lifted when your legs are straight (and you repeat it quite many times).

The truth is that I did not research on it more because after having a couple of sessions (running and then… pushing), the pain went away! It felt like a miracle… Since then, whenever I run at the gym, I always use that machine afterwards. However, as I did no research on it and I did not ask for professional advice, I am not sure whether this… pushing thing could be considered as a panacea for every knee-pain.

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