Tabata workout

I’m keen on cross training – doing other types of exercise than just running.
I’ve just discovered a type of workout called the Tabata workout, named after the Japanese researcher who developed it. To find out more, look here.
This other link also provides a succinct explanation and some instructional videos.
In a nutshell, the workout consists of doing some sort of very vigorous exercise for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds, repeating that sequence seven more times. The result is a four minute workout of great intensity. You can do all sorts of intensive exercise for those 20 seconds: skipping, squats, sprinting, cycling or whatever you please.
One type of exercise I’ve tried and liked is this one. I liked it because it is a strenuous cardio workout that does not put a great deal of pressure and tension on the knees. That means it is suitable for those days off from running when you are supposed to rest your joints such as knees.¬†Be warned ! This is intensive stuff and you should not attempt it if you are not fit to start with or you have some sort of heart condition.

If you can do one set of four minutes, you are doing well. As you improve you can increase the number of four minute sets.

The fitness gains are supposed to be very great and out of all proportion to the time spent doing the workout.

I tried it in the gym the other day, managed two sets of four minutes and felt utterly exhausted.

Posted by Xavier.

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