Antwerp 10 miles (post race syndrome)

I think that the two most exciting parts of a race are the starting point and the finish line. And those two parts make the whole race worth running and are remembered afterwards.

At the starting point there is this whole atmosphere of excitement, impatience to start, smiling and encouragement by the crowd. The same at the finish line, people encourage you in the last meters of the race, the other runners congratulate each other for their success and the whole thing is like a celebration!

These last days after the race in Antwerp and without having another race scheduled soon, I am not that consistent with my training and not motivated enough (or at least as much I was with the prospect of the race). This is why I think that the psycological factor plays a very important role for training. This is why I have to find a race to feel that I’m preparing for…

However, after Xavier’s latest post on Chi running, I’m getting motivated again to try some alternative training 🙂

Posted by Maria

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