Some Running Websites

I did a little surfing of the web the other day to find some good running sites.

If you are looking for a general site with lots of different tips and discussing many different topics, have a look at “Best Running Tips“. It contains lots of information.

Looking for different races around the world ? Then go to “RunAbroad“. It is a wonderful site that provides information on races, usually half-marathons or marathons (but not exclusively), in all sorts of different places. You can sign up for a free weekly newsletter here. That newsletter is very good indeed: it describes the race, how to sign up for it, how much it costs, where to stay and how to get there. 

Then there’s “Fetch Everyone“, a mega website where you can log your training, participate in discussions on all manner of topics, find races and so on and so forth. 

Posted by Xavier


3 Responses to “Some Running Websites”

  1. Alun Says:

    Hey there, great to keep up to date, I’ve been very remiss in reading this or writing my own blog. Sounds like training and racing is going very well.
    Are you registered on Fetch? It’s been a great find for me too. Thanks for the other site tips – RunAbroad is a great idea.

    • Xavier Says:

      Thanks Alun. Yes, I’m registered on Fetch and I log all my training there. It is a very handy feature to keep track of things.
      I’m getting ready for the Luxembourg marathon.
      Looking forward to more on your site.

  2. ianm1963 Says:

    Hello from one Fetchie to another. I’m IanM and I see you have linked to my blog. Thank you and I will return the compliment and link to you. Fetch is a wonderful site isn’t it?
    This is a great blog, keep up the good work!

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