Eve of the Brussels Marathon

Just getting my things in order for the Brussels Marathon tomorrow morning. The usual questions go through my mind: “Am I sufficiently prepared?”, “Will my knees be fine? And my achilles heals ?”, “Are my shoes OK ?”, “Will I remember to set the alarm clock?”

Two thoughts struck me as I queued to pick up my race number. First, the other runners looked so much fitter than I do. Second, I was surprised by the number of other races that were advertised: Barcelona, Rome, Luxembourg, Riga, Prague, Antwerp.

I suppose it is time to start planning the spring 2010 season ! Fortunately, with the Internet and relatively cheap flights it is possible to run in all sorts of exotic places now. During the Wolverhampton Marathon last month (not the most exotic of locations, I suppose) a fellow runner with whom I chatted described how difficult it was in the pre-Internet age to find out about and sign on for different races. Word of mouth and contacts made during races were so much more important back then, he said.

I wonder what the running-tourist trade is worth ?

Posted by Xavier


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