Brussels Marathon

Two down, one to go !

Just completed the Brussels Marathon in just under four hours (something like 3 hours 57 minutes, subject to confirmation of the chip time).

The weather conditions were perfect: a calm autumn day, nice and cool, dry with little wind. There seemed to be more runners than in previous years too. It is a tough course, however, with some quite tiring long hills. The winner managed it in 2 hours 15 minutes and that shows that the course is not a fast one.

I ran with a pal and we gossiped the whole way. We both decided to run carefully and not aim for a spectacular time because he’s doing Dublin in a couple of weeks and I’m running in Athens in a month’s time.

Posted by Xavier

One Response to “Brussels Marathon”

  1. Alun Says:

    Happy memories! Very well done on the continuing marathon voyage, great to hear your progress. I’m keeping up the 18 milers and will be back to longer racing again next year. I’m lining up Stratford in April so far.

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