Qualifying for Boston….

I have a dream…. I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

That means, in the real, awake world, that I have to knock at least seven minutes of my best marathon time. The qualifying time for a male in my age group next year is 3 hours 35 minutes.

I suppose that is manageable with an appropriate training programme. I intend to use the FIRST programme which means three quality runs per week and lots of cross training such as cycling, spinning or swimming.

There are a number of blogs chronicling the path to Boston. Have a look at “No Meat Athlete” (there’s a lot about diet and nutrition thereor “On the Road to Boston” (more specifically focused on running).

Posted by Xavier

2 Responses to “Qualifying for Boston….”

  1. Alun Ward Says:

    Hi Xavier, I haven’t checked in for far too long, but excellent to hear about your continued running and your Boston plan. Do you have the Furman Institute book which includes plans specifically for Boston qualification? Sounds like we’re both following FIRST at the moment.

  2. 26point2kidrunner Says:

    Hi my name is Ivan Donaher and I ran the Hyannis marathon (I am 12). When I am 18 I want to run the Boston Marathon. Thank for telling me about the web things I will look at it some time. If you want more information about me go to my blog and leave a comment. THANK YOU.

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