Core and resistance training

I’ve mentioned this before and it is worth repeating: running is good but running with cross-training is even better.

In the last few weeks, I’ve found a number of good sites that suggest worthwhile exercises to strengthen the core and to increase resistance.

This one containing descriptions of core and resistance exercises, by an Australian coach called Amelia Burton, is clear and well explained. The other parts of her website are well worth looking at too.

Another excellent site is one by Jessi Stensland, a professional triathlete from the United States. Her own site is full of interesting training tips. She is especially keen on posture and stability exercises and links to a site called “Core Performance“. In particular, she recommends this article containing ten training tips.

One interval training programme she recommends but which seems really quite tough and looks like a variation on the Billat intervals I’m keen on. Have a look at Jessi’s post here (you’ll need to scroll down a little).  Look out because the rest intervals get shorter, unlike with Billat intervals where they remain constant. Try it out if you are fit (but don’t if you are not).

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