Barefoot Running, Again and Vibrams

There’s a lot more debate about barefoot running. Now Harvard University is getting in on the act in a big way.

Now here’s a link to a terrific site at the Skeletal Bio Lab, Harvard University.

It is a very informative site indeed with lots of videos of different foot strikes. Having looked at it a bit, the site does not conclude that barefoot running is necessarily good for you. Be careful to read the “Training Tips” section !

As for my own efforts, I ran a complete  – rather punishing – interval session wearing my Vibram Fivefingers. I survived to tell the story, obviously ! I suffered no particular injury or strain and felt perfectly alright the next day. The intervals did not feel any easier though.

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One Response to “Barefoot Running, Again and Vibrams”

  1. Alun Ward Says:

    I’ve gotta see pics of your feet in these shoes… in the snow… and with a glass of beetroot juice in your hand 🙂

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