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Barcelona marathon….. Boston bound

March 9, 2010

Barcelona rather unexpectedly turns out to be on the road to Boston.

That’s a little cryptic so let me explain. I ran the Barcelona marathon on Sunday. A fine race, 12000 and more runners from all over the world: lots of runners from France, plenty from Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Japan, the United Kingdom…. And those are just the national groups I spotted. I think I caught sight of Stefaan Engels, the 365 marathon man, in the distance.

The route was quite scenic, taking us past the Sagrada Familia, for example. There were some hills lurking along the way too. Not necessarily very steep climbs but the sort of inclines that don’t feel like much at first but after a kilometer tend to sap both strength and morale. It was quite chilly too at first but as the morning wore on the temperature seemed about right.

As for me, I broke my record and managed to do it in 3:33 ! So that’s a qualifying time for Boston 2011. I had not expected to manage it on this occasion as I had rather intended to use Barcelona as a training run in preparation for Rotterdam. The Rotterdam marathon takes place in early April and is reputed to be a flat and smooth as a billiard table.

By the way, the expo in Barcelona was rather good and I could not resist buying a pair of Newton running shoes. I’ll write more about those another day when I’ve actually tried them on.

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